Cloud / Web Applications

COMPRSA recognizes the inherent risks involved when business processes migrate toward e-business and we incorporate risk management in all of our solutions.

Businesses today require fast, easy access to dynamic enterprise data, both through corporate intranets and the public internet. This is no small feat, considering the range of data sources and data types found in most enterprises, but it's a crucial capability, because interactive data access drives the web applications that deliver the information you need to maximize the potential of your business.

COMPRSA focuses mainly on offshore software development. We are always striving for extreme efficiency and managed to achieve it due to constant development, adaptation to new technologies and best practices.

  • Custom application development (Cloud/Web/Distributed/Desktop)
  • Software reengineering, migration and deployment
  • Selection of optimal technologies and system planning
  • Careful design and proper coding
  • Complex applications integration on your systems
  • Various frameworks and tools for rapid software development and automated tests

Web applications have moved beyond the world wide web. The platform-independent, open-source, thin-client architecture of web applications makes them the solution to many chronic information technology problems.

COMPRSA has a very active perspective on how application architectures should be created by developing component-based application development models for the web. It is best to apply an integrated approach to this task, employing business solutions that meet the broadest spectrum of needs - from supply-chain to consumer.

Big Data collection, integration and development are exciting products of the digital era.

Database-driven cloud & web application development has enabled COMPRSA to be market leaders in this field, building dynamic web applications using state of the art tools and technologies. COMPRSA specializes in web application development.

COMPRSA offers the following web-based solutions:

  • Developing web sites and e-commerce sites
  • Developing intranets, extranets and enterprise information portals
  • Developing new cloud & web applications
  • Web-enabling client-server applications (application serving or conversion)
  • Web-enabling legacy mainframe
  • Deploying dynamic data to the web